Purchasing from a third party on our Site

If you purchase a product from a third party retailer (the "Retailer") using our Site (as defined in our Terms of Use), that Retailer's terms and conditions can be read here.

In these circumstances, we are providing a platform on our Site for you and the Retailer to agree and negotiate the sale and purchase of the relevant product. We are not the buyer nor the seller of the Retailer’s items

You should note that:

  1. We are not a party to any contract of sale between you and the Retailer. We assume no responsibility arising out or of or in connection with the contract which you form with the Retailer.
  2. We will handle all payments between you and the Retailer as a result on your statement you will see the name of Velocity Marketplaces Limited rather than the Retailer to whom you have entered into the contract.
  3. A binding contract will be in place between you and the Retailer once the product has been dispatched.
  4. All queries in relation to your contract with the Retailer and the relevant goods for that Retailer should be through our website.
  5. You should send any returns to the Retailer and not to us.
  6. If you do send a return to the Retailer, we will process your refund within 14 days of being notified by the Retailer of the return.